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Kids playhouse

The kids’ playhouse is one of the big playground toys. Many playhouses are made of plastic and fabric, which can be easily cleaned and repaired. This makes it easy to keep your child’s playhouse in good working order and safe for play.

In addition, many outdoor play areas feature swings, tents, play kitchens, play tents, and other structures that encourage outdoor play. These encourage physical fitness while allowing your child to safely explore his world.

what features of our playhouse

  • wide variety of playhouses for kids: we offer many types of playhouses for you including indoor, outdoor, plastic, and wooden playhouses.
  • easy assembly: You can install the house easily because we offer the installation manual.
  • high quality: The material of the playhouse is high quality so that kids can play safely in it.
  • multi-function: As playground toys, the houses have a working doorbell, working doors window, and flower pot holders. The toddlers will enjoy the cottage playhouse.
  • replacement parts: You can find the replacement parts if any part of the house was broken.

how to choose a playhouse for kids

  • First. what is the budget of your plan for the playhouse? You can buy all the playhouses if you have enough money.
  • Second. there must be consideration of the local climate when you want to buy a playhouse outdoors.
  • After-sales service: The seller can provide good after-sales service

where to buy the children’s playhouse?

As a Chinese commercial playground equipment manufacturer and exporter, we offer many types of playground equipment including the kid’s outdoor playhouses, picnic tables, and play kitchens.

if you are looking for a wooden outdoor playhouse for the playground you can request a quote for the playground equipment wholesale price.

OK, you also can find more products on google or amazon if you want to get more ideas.