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This indoor shopping mall playground is very useful for a super-large mall. One of the major benefits of shopping malls is that they offer an indoor place for people to play. Most malls are designed with a child in mind. This is great for parents who want to quickly move their children through a shopping experience- but don’t want to worry about their safety. Many children love to play in the play areas at the mall, and some even enjoy running through the aisles. Plus, eating at the food court is a fun local experience for most people. For parents with young children, shopping malls are great places for entertainment and relaxation.

Indoor shopping mall playground

Most indoor play areas have equipment specifically built for toddlers. That includes slides, see-saws, balls, libraries, and more. Mall owners also place toddler chairs around the play area so parents can easily rest while their children play. In addition, many indoor play areas have baby care stations where parents can easily change diapers and wash their children’s hands. This makes it easy for parents to relax while their children run around them. Indoor malls are a great place for parents with young kids- even without the child-friendly features listed above.

Item Name MINI playground
Model Number ML-KID009
Material Plastic piece & Galvanized tube
Dimensions 370*370*290cm
Age >3 Years
MOQ 1 set
Certificate GS,TUV,CCC,ISO9001,14001,18001 etc.
Installation Professional CAD Instruction
Capacity 3-5 Kids
Packaging Cotton fabric & plastic films(standard export packing)
Applied Kindergarten, playground,amusement park, housing land, construction company, residential area, family back yard, shopping mall, etc.
Lead Time 10-15 days


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