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This remote control tank(RC tank) that shoots a reality. It has a 2.4G remote control and gestures control system so that the kids can control it easily. As a matter of fact, it is a controlled rc vehicle different from German Tiger 1 Heavy Tank Professional Edition by Heng Long. It is an amazing gif for your kids.

What are the features of the RC tanks?

  • MULTIPLE INTELLIGENT DRIVING MODE: The water bomb armored vehicle is an intelligent car that integrates remote control driving and launching water bombs. It is equipped with multiple intelligent driving modes. Multiple stunt driving, multi-point simultaneous operation, multi-person competitive entertainment, drifting universal wheel, independent barrel control, can also drift, 360 degree rotation; aimed fire with 180° rotating turret
  • REALISTIC BATTLE: Realistic firing sounds and recoil action when cannons fire; motor start-up sound, engine sound, machine-gun sound; duel speed movement, turn the turret and fire; Simulate military exercises and war adventures, like a real commander
  • SUPER CLIMBING POWER, ADAPT TO VARIOUS TERRAINS: Four-wheel drive, and every wheel is designed with 10 mini wheels, which makes the speed and control smooth and no limit. Climbing slope 45°, no matter Rocks, mountains, snow land, sandy beach, grasslands can be breakthrough easily
  • BEST GIFT FOR CHILDREN: If you are looking for an exciting and extra cool present, then you will love our radio-controlled cars. Multiplayer sports entertainment, you can play with your children, simulate military drills and war adventure, accompany your children every moment of their growth. Note: All 7-8mm bullets can be used for filling, but for your child’s safety, please use the water bullets we have equipped, which will not pose a threat to your child’s safety

Package Information of this remote control tank:

  • Package Size: 31*21*21.5cm
  • Package Weight: 1465g
  • Gift Box Package

Packing List:

  • 1 *RC toys tank
  • 1 * 2.4G Transmitter
  • 1* Control Watch
  • 1 * Lithium Battery
  • 1 * USB Charging Cable
  • 2* Water Beads Pack


rc tank

rc tankrc tankremote control tankremote control tankremote control tank

what is the best rc tank brand?

Maybe you want to buy a  heng long rc tank or another brand remote control tank. I think you will change your idea when you find this product. We provide some pictures for you to know more about the remote tank. And this toy is so cool. if you are looking for a tank rc tank with hand controlYou must not miss this product. We believe that they will be the remote and gesture control tank in 2022.

remote control tank that shootremote control tank that shootremote control tank that shoot

Who can buy the remote tanks?

The RC tanks for sale at a cheap price. We are currently open to users in the United States(US), Canada(CA), the United Kingdom(UK), and Australia. Users in all these regions can purchase our products. We believe that you can’t buy these amazing and cheap RC battle tanks in the local store.

Customer questions & answers

  • Question:How far will it shoot?
    Answer:It depends on the slope gradient when it runs around outdoor. Normally 17ft at least and above, 32ft to 65ft as its instant performance. Even it could shoot 65ft that far sometimes, you don’t need to worry about its safety as soft water bullets. 🙂 Hopefully you’d enjoy it with family & friends, Merry Christmas! :DDD
  • Q:How do i get the hand gesture controller to work?
    A:There’s a transparent electric resistance slice at back of the gesture controller, pull it out to activate the battery. Then press the power on button at the top of the gesture controller about 3 seconds, thus it is activated now. Wear it with hand and finger, press the small button on the finger to shoot. Enjoy the play! :DDD
  • Q:how fast will it go
    A:It’s about 15 Km/h or 13.65 ft/s on flat earth. But it may be faster or slower, depends on the earth environmental status like gravel or different gradient on slope. Wish you enjoy it



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