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High-quality Commercial Playground Equipment from China

Commercial Playground Equipment &play structures

If you are looking for Commercial Playground Equipment, you have come to the right place.

Purchasing commercial-grade playground equipment is a great way to increase your business’s footfall without paying for costly advertising campaigns or hiring sales staff. Set up shop at a park or open-air venue and attract both current customers and prospective buyers alike with freebies like swings, bean bags, and ball tables. Play areas also make great places for festivals as they allow suppliers to easily reach targeted markets through targeted pricing, inventory management, and targeted marketing strategies.

Where to buy commercial playground equipment

As a commercial playground manufacturers from China, We supply high-quality commercial playground equipment at an Affordable price for sale!

Our commercial play equipment includes indoor and outdoor play equipment which have safety play systems.

To encourage the sensory and social development of kids, commercial playground sets are essential.

It is amazing that you got a small playground in the backyard of your house. It is a nice gift idea for your children.

A backyard is a great place to spend time with family, but some family units find their backyards lacking in activities for the children. A common solution is to build a play structure for the children to enjoy. A play structure can be any type of structure built for children to play on. The mini playground sets can be simple or elaborate, as long as it provides a fun environment for the children.

The forest theme playground means the playground is designed with equipment that looks like a forest. Kids love to play in this playground because of the forest playground. Kids can run and run in the large play spaces just like play in forest hills park.

Wooden playground equipment is very important for children when they are in kindergarten, playground, amusement park, housing land, construction company, residential area, or family backyard.

The outdoor playground is one of the best play areas for kids because it has many types of wooden outdoor playsets.

Kids Swing Set Indoor​

To create a safe and comfortable place for children to play, the slides are inexpensive but practical, cartoonish in color and simple to put together. Most importantly, they are very solid and stable, so adults can sit on them without feeling like they will sway or fall. A family necessity.

Our toy products are suitable for children of different ages because of their high quality.

The right set of toys will keep your children entertained for hours on end.


Children also get a lot of enjoyment from playing in their own space without worry about safety or noise control. Kids’ outdoor play areas are no different from their indoor playrooms. They’re well ventilated, secure and free from dangerous toys like knives and chemicals. They also have no schedules or clocks to contend with. Your child can spend as long as he likes without worry of punishment or boredom setting in.

playground surfacing

A playground is a place where children and the elderly play and exercise. The materials used to construct a playground determine how children play and whether or not they’re safe. Choosing the right material for a playground maximizes the fun while minimizing injuries. Each material type has its advantages and disadvantages. Fixing poor material design choices on a playground can make it safer and more enjoyable for users.

There is a lot of fitness equipment, such as spacewalk machines almost all over the park, community, and square star products. After use, it can enhance cardiopulmonary function, lower limbs, and waist muscle strength. Improve lower limb flexibility and coordination. Exercise at the same time do not delay and neighbors chat, is really a good leg for all ages!

Children playing on swings and slides can experience different senses of touch, which can promote their development. Sliding down a slide is a child’s first experience of speed. Children’s experience of speed is different with different lengths and gradients of slides. Most children’s initial experience of speed comes from the process of playing slides. This exercise helps coordination ability and enhances body control.

We all know that playing seesaw is an amusement equipment that requires cooperation to play. Children play games require two children to have good cooperation. Therefore, children’s amusement equipment is not suitable for children under 5 years old if they are not accompanied by adults, because children do not play games. Know how to take care of each other’s feelings, if you don’t want to play, you will go downhill. No matter what the other party is in, accidents are often prone to occur.

This type of amusement equipment is good for children because it requires them to use their energy and be innocent. It also helps them develop their thinking ability, teamwork skills, and endurance.

Are you looking for a company that can supply high-quality custom playground equipment and plays structures? Because you have a  unique playground idea and you want to decorate a special playground for kids. You hope the playground that you designed can inspire the children. You also want the kids can have an unforgettable time in that play area.

How much does a commercial playground cost?

Playground equipment is expensive; most consists of safety standards and durable materials. In addition, annual maintenance costs add to the overall cost of setting up an inclusive playground. you will get the wholesale price for the commercial playground equipment
Like most outdoor equipment, commercial playgrounds cost less to purchase than they will to operate. Manufacturers sell them at wholesale prices due to the large number of pieces that need to be included.

For example, a standard slide-set typically costs around $800 when purchased wholesale. This allows owners to easily afford the necessary pieces without cost overruns. Ultimately, it’s easy to lower the price of a commercial playground by buying lots of different models.

Luckily, as a toy manufacturer, we offer commercial playground equipment at very affordable prices, request a quote for the price

Customer questions & answers

Yes, we can afford you CAD plan and detailed installation instruction for fixing.

No. All the material are European standard which have reached the imported food grade. No harm to kids health.

Our product meet CE, SGS, ISO, EN1176.

There CAD install instruction will be provided, Of course if you need our skilled installation worker will go to your country and install the playground.


Yes, we accept OEM/ODM order as we have a professional technical team and strong production capacity.

Free design service:

  • if you have the floor size, we can design it for you according to your requirements;
  • 1 to 1 service: once you place an order, there will be someone to follow up your order and send you to show you every item according to your requirements A picture of the production progress;
  • Free replacement service: If it is not artificially damaged, we can replace the replacement parts for you free of charge within 1 year.